Hot Sauce Batching MES Application

The Opportunity…

A food products manufacturer needed to replace an outdated control system for the preparation of it's hot sauce products.

The outdated system provided limited data collection for analysis of performance. In addition, the manufacturer hopes to create a plant-wide Manufacturing Execution System for integrate with it’s existing ERP application. With increasing demands for lot genealogy and record audit trails for government requirements, the opportunity was to create an automated batching system which could later be expanded to include all manufacturing areas, including inventory control, packaging and quality assurance testing.

When a leading systems integrator was selected to update the control system, they decided to partner with Pyramid Software to provide the MES piece to the puzzle.

The Solution…

A system was designed to build batch formulas using a library of operation codes specific to each type of device used at the facility. In addition, an MES modeling component was designed and implemented to provide rules about the layout of the facilities components and product routing.

The MES model and it's transactions were implemented using COM component technologies so that the HMI developed by the systems integrator has scriptable access to the MES functionality.

The Result…

The system is collecting area performance data such as batch efficiency and equipment utilization. A series of reports is used to present management with historical performance information linked by area, product and operator.

The first phase of the system has been implemented and an immediate benefit has been a potential reduction of cycle times by several minutes per batch.

Management is now able to analyze the data being collected in order to establish and maintain a continual process improvement program at the facility.

Plans are to expand the current system into the other manufacturing areas.