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Discrete Filler/Checkweigher OEM Product

The Opportunity…

A leading manufacturer (OEM) of discrete filling, bulk filling and checkweighing equipment faced competitive pressure to offer a product which provides a central database for collecting and analyzing production data. Faced with limited internal staff with the necessary design and development experience to develop the application, the OEM sought a partnership with Pyramid Software build a product which met the requirements of the largest possible customer base.

The Solution…

We worked with the OEM in designing a product that not only met their initial presentation and reporting requirements, but extended the product functionality to include MES features such as customer management, materials management, line management, recipe management and lot management for continuous- and batch-type production scenarios. The product is designed to work with any OLEDB-compliant database, provide easy integration for custom reports and allow virually any competitors equipment to be integrated into the application.

The product was built using ActiveX/COM component technology so that multiple remote views of the filling equipment can be run against a single data collection host. The host is fully VBA-compliant so that other HMI products can communicate with the devices and provide a presentation layer using the customers' prefered HMI tools.

The Result…

The OEM has released the product and is currently marketing the product throughout North America. The OEM has expanded it’s customer base and plans to position the product for world-wide distribution.

Pyramid Software offers technical support and three training programs for the OEM’s customers.

Plans are to implement version 2.0 of this product in 2004.