Our Mission Statement

  1. To provide our customers with Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems that increase productivity, quality and profitability.

Providing a wide range of services based on three core competencies

  1. Manufacturing Systems Consulting & Technology Transfer
  2. Information Systems Development
  3. Project Life-Cycle Management

Our Founder

Pyramid Software's President and Founder, Kevin Fenters, has over 20 years experience in various manufacturing industries. With experience as a production operator, production supervisor, department head, industrial engineer, process improvement engineer, information systems engineer and division IT manager, he has a keen understanding of the various roles and responsibilities at all levels in a manufacturing environment. He holds a BS Degree in Textile Chemistry from North Carolina State University and a Master's of Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Degree with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence and Information Handling from North Carolina State University. This unique combination of experience and education plays a vital role in bringing change and improvement to an organization.

Success based on three simple principles

  1. To understand the customers culture and then strive to succeed within that culture.
  2. To invest the resources necessary to maintain an up-to-date and working knowledge of our core competencies.
  3. To understand that the success of our customers is always the primary focus.

Pyramid Software is a privately held C corporation and has been incorporated since 1998.